Friday, August 13, 2010


I recently ordered a pair of sneakers, he he he. it is Adidas ZX800 X Foot Patrol from the adidas aZx seriessss. I think this is actually 'real' hobby, ya la gua rasa tenang lepas dapat kasut baru. kalah nikmat makan beb. cakap banyak pun tak guna, tembak pun tak kena. ini ada gua kopi paste sikit review untuk renungan. woooot woooot.

To pay homage to their classic ZX line, Adidas created the aZx series, a series of ZX sneakers designed by several hand picked premier sneaker shops from across the globe. Each of the collaborators within the aZx series were charged with designing their favorite ZX style however they saw fit. Each of the collaborators within the aZx series represents a letter in the alphabet including the Rivington Club (R), Major DC (M), Wood Wood (W), Limited Editions (L), Foot Patrol (F), and many more.

For their part in the aZx project, London's Foot Patrol selected the Adidas ZX800. Applying their now trademark colorway that they have skillfully reinterpreted on several over the collabs, the "Foot Patrol" Adidas ZX800 features a Light Blue upper with Purple and Yellow accents. The Foot Patrol hits come at the lace lock and the heel. Taking their design up a step, the "Foot Patrol" Adidas ZX800 features a completely reflective upper.

The Adidas aZx series is set to touch down very soon at very select Adidas accounts worldwide.

what the FOOT dude!

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